William Ivory (-1868), St Roque and the trees

Oregon Botanical Association, 1850-54, plants and minute book relating to this expedition (1849-59), undertaken by John Jeffrey 1826-1854, died ? in San Francisco – or Arizona

‘Expedition to Vancouver’s Island and British Columbia’, Journal of Horticulture and Practical Gardening, vol 3, 9 September 1862, p. 451

Leaflet by John Jeffrey, Oregon botanical expedition Edinburgh 1853, 3 pages report on the seeds with a letter from Jeffrey and names of plants received, in library of Ct Y –bibliographic ref? should be 11 pamphlets

See Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh HMS0 1939 article on John Jeffrey and the Oregon Expedition

Oregon Historical Quarterly 1967, vol 68 ‘John Jeffrey and the Oregon Botanical Expedition, pp 111-

‘Botanical Expedition to Oregon’, The Phytologist: a popular botanical miscellany, vol 4, part 3, p 1140

At one of the late meetings of this Society [Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh], Andrew Murray, Esq., W. S., read a paper ‘On some Insects from the Rocky Mountains, received from the Botanical Expedition to Oregon, under Mr Jeffrey,’ which was prefaced by the following remarks:-

Most of the members of this Society who are botanists and horticulturalists are probably aware that an expedition to Oregon and the Rocky Mountains, for the purpose of procuring seeds and plants from that quarter, has, some time since, been organized by an association of gentlemen interested in the arboriculture and horticulture of Scotland, and is at present in the course of being carried out. …

I do not know who first introduced the plan of sending out collectors to different countries, to procure seeds and plants as a commercial speculation; but during the last half century it has been carried to a very considerable extent by our principal nurserymen, many of whom have fitted out expeditions at a large cost; by which means many very valuable plants have been introduced to this country.
At a meeting of gentlemen interested in arboriculture and horticulture, members of the Association and of the Committee of the Oregon Botanical Expedition, held a Edinburgh, on the 21st July, 1862, George Patton, Esq. of Cairnies, in the chair, the subject of re-organising the Oregon Association, with a view to the employment of a botanist to collect the seeds of hardy trees and plants, and the seeds and roots of flowers, was brought before the meeting.

The Committee formerly appointed reported that that they were at present enabled to obtain the services of a collector, in every way qualified, in the person of Mr Robert Brown, a gentleman devoted to natural science, whose merits were attested by high authorities, and whose successful prosecution of science had already been proved by contributions to botanical and other learned societies. They stated that Mr Brown was prepared to proceed immediately upon the performance of his duties, and to prosecute the object of the Association in whatever part of the world the Association might direct.

After deliberation, it was unanimously resolved that the Oregon Association be revived, and,

First, That an Association, to be called “The British Columbia Botanical Association,” be formed for the purpose of having an exploration made of British Columbia, Vancouver’s Island, and the countries adjoining the Rocky Mountains, with a view to the transmission of seeds of hardy trees and plants, and the seeds and roots of flowers, to the members; the field of exploration being subject to modification or extension according to the direction of the committee.

Second, That the members should subscribe in shares of £5 each, payable yearly, in proportion to which shares the seeds, &c., sent home should be distributed at the sight of the Committee; it being understood, unless otherwise expressly conditioned, that subscriptions should be continued for three years; and that no member shall be called upon to pay more than the amount of the shares subscribed by him.

Third, That Mr Brown be appointed Collector, and be requested to hold himself in readiness to leave this country for Vancouver’s Island so soon as he may be directed by the Committee.

Fourth, That Professor Balfour, with the assistance of Mr McNab and Mr McIntosh, prepare such instructions as may be thought necessary to the botanist.

Fifth, That Sir William Gibson-Craig, Bart., of Riccarton, be appointed chairman; Mr Isaac Anderson-Henry of Woodend, secretary; and Mr James McNab, of the Royal Botanic Garden, treasurer.

Sixth, That the management of the affairs of the Association be placed under the following Committee, with power to add to their number, and to sub-commit:- Sir William Gibson-Craig, Bart., chairman; the Hon. Viscount Dalrymple; Sir William Jardine, Bart.; Sir David Dundas, Bart.; J. H. Balfour, Esq., Professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh; Archibald Campbell, Esq., of Blythswood; Colonel Ferguson of Raith; T. A. Hog Esq., of Newliston; Humphrey Graham, Esq., of Beltane, W.S.; Isaac Anderson-Henry, Esq., of Woodend, secretary; Charles Lawson, Esq., of Borthwick Hall; Charles McIntosh, Esq., Murrayfield; James McNab, Esq., Superintendent of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, treasurer; T. Gambier Parry, Esq., of Hignam Court; George Patton, Esq., of the Cairnies; David Smith, Esq., of the North British Insurance Company; Wm. Thomas Thomson, Esq., Manager of the Standard Insurance Company; and W. Ivory, Esq., of St. Roque.

Seventh, That the Secretary be requested to get the foregoing minute and resolutions printed and circulated among the members of the Oregon Association, and others interested in arboriculture and horticulture; and that the parties so written to communicate immediately with the Secretary, and, if desirous of joining the Association pay to the Treasurer, Mr James McNab, Royal Botanic Garden, the amount of their first year’s subscription, so as to enable the Committee to despatch Mr Brown in time to obtain the seeds of this season.

[See John Hayman, Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition, 2011]

Report on the meeting of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, 1863, p 325

William Ivory, Esq., exhibited thirty-one species and varieties of plants which were in flower on 12th February, at St Roque, near Edinburgh.

Meeting of the Society, 11th June 1868, Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, vol 9, p. 399

Professor Balfour intimated the death of Mr William Ivory, who had long taken a warm interest in the Society, and at whose hospitable mansion of St Roque many of the members had met on several occasions to inspect the trees and shrubs which ornamented the grounds. Mr Ivory was an early supporter of the Caledonian Horticultural Society, and took much pleasure in cultivating rare plants. He was long a member of the Council of the Botanical Society, and his loss will be severely felt.

Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, 1855

Member of the Council of the Ed Botanical Society elected 1855, p1 [member in 1847, 54]

13 Nov 1856 meeting, donations of seeds to the Royal Botanic Garden include William Ivory, seeds of Lupinus Murryanus, p72

Edinburgh Evening Post 6 May 1846 notice of marriage at 25 Rutland Street on 30 April to Robina, second daughter of the late Robert Cox of Gorgie Mills

Scotsman 13 September 1851, Mrs William Ivory gives birth to a daughter at 20 York Place

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 8 October 1857, W I contributes £5 for the relief of the sufferers in India

Caledonian Mercury 17 April 1860, WI makes contribution to the Royal Infirmary of £2.2

Edinburgh Evening Courant 26 February 1862, W I makes contribution of £2.20 to the Scottish national memorial to the Prince Consort

Edinburgh Evening Courant 18 November 1862, list of subscriptions on behalf of the unemployed operatives in Lancashire and the other cotton-manufacturing districts of England, contribution of £5 made by WI , followed by another £5 by Mrs Ivory

Edinburgh Evening Courant 20 April 1868, WI makes contribution, unspecified to Rebuilding of Royal Infirmary

A History of the Society of Writers to the Signet

Introduction, p. lxxxiii, mid 1850s

there was a project of printing a series of classified catalogues of the library in sections. Mr William Ivory, W.S., undertook the department of law… [with Andrew Murray compiling catalogue on natural history and science and David Laing working on British antiquities and topography]. Mr Ivory’s labours alone issued in a successful result. On his recommendation the collection of civil law and foreign jurisprudence was very much enlarged, and his classified catalogue, enriched with historical and critical notes, was fairly adjudged to be the best arranged law catalogue then in existence.

p. 109 Became a Writer to the Signet 1827. Married 30 April 1846, Robina, daughter of Robert Cox of Gorgie, Mid-Lothian. Died 21 May 1868 aged 70.

P444 Abstract of minutes, 25 May 1857

It was agreed to give the thanks of the society to Mr Ivory for his great labour in preparing the law catalogue, and to make him an honorary curator for life.

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