Ideas for the future of the site

The aim of the AACT is to retain the Astley Ainslie site for the benefit of the community, through Community Asset Transfer.

Some of the ideas submitted are listed below.

A draft community vision for the site, based on ideas collected from at the Ideas event will be presented on Sunday 31st March.  Further details here

Craft Centre, open 7 days a week, where people of all ages could come to engage with craft, such as weaving, knitting, crochet, spinning, sawing, felting, woodwork, pottery etc. Courses and self-support groups would be available and people could get together socially over craft activity. Individuals and families could come when they can, day and … Continue reading Craft Centre

Craft Centre

Persuade the NHS to keep this absolutely vital facility! I spent five months recovering from a stroke there and the beautiful natural grounds were absolutely crucial. The Royal Infirmary offered no natural beauty and mental healing. Utterly appalled. Gillian Ferguson

Retain the facility

Integrated community gardens, allotments and therapeutic/rehabilitation garden spaces and children’s garden spaces that utilise the already beautiful and mature natural features of the site.

Community growing spaces

An opportunity for developing an ecologically beneficial co-housing community in Edinburgh, which can support a wide range of accommodation opportunities for families, young people, single people, older people with shared community resources such as laundry, kitchens, bikes and tools.


A pay-as-you feel cafe in a fully accessible building. The honesty-box system allows visitors to pay what they think their meal is worth, with profits being used to maintain the site and support local charities. A fully accessible building (including fully accessible toilets) is rare in Edinburgh and will allow all ages, stages and ability … Continue reading Community cafe

Community cafe

Blackford pavilion houses the present dining room. This is a large bright room with large windows looking South onto a garden with Blackford Hill in the background. It would make a lovely community hall and could even have catering facilities.  Roger Kellett.

Community Hall

Voluntary groups can visit or work in. Rehabilitation through open spaces gardening, planting fruit vegetables. There is already an orchard in front of admin block behind consultants bungalow.  Caroline Beck

Community garden centre

While there is a playground by Saint Peter’s school, it is fairly small and quite urban in nature – metal equipment, padded surface.  An adventure playground could be built to encourage more adventurous play.

An adventure playground

The grounds are currently used as a safe walking/cycling route to the schools in the area.  This should be retained and enhanced with crossing points at the entrances.

Safe route to school

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